Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance

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“Legacy of Love”

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Stray Cat Blues is affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Services. We have the ability to receive investments, required minimum distributions, stocks, bonds and other assets from those who would like to contribute to our cause. If you or someone you know is interested in exploring these financial endowment possibilities please contact Jerry Kalick, Stray Cat Blues Inc., Board of Directors, at for more information.

Together, we can save more stray and abandoned kitties!


Donations of Supplies


What we need

  • Dry and Canned Cat Food

  • Towels (old or new - Bath Mats too)

  • Medium or Small Litter Boxes

  • Pet Carriers (old or new)

  • Antibacterial Waterless Hand Cleaner

  • Food and Water Dishes (Metal or Ceramic)

  • Litter (pine pellets, clump-able, or clay)

  • Carpet Squares

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Cleaning Products (with bleach)

  • Pet Crates or Cages

  • Paper Towels

  • Trash Bags

  • Small Cat Beds

  • Cat Toys and Catnip

  • Baby Food - Chicken or Turkey Flavor


Any questions, please email us at:

Bring supplies here!

PetSmart Collegeville

Due to space and staffing limitations at this location, please call (215 - 631-1851) or email ( us in advance of bringing donations of food or supplies to Collegeville PetSmart so that we can coordinate with you.

PetSmart North Wales/Montgomeryville

Adoption Hours: W/Th/F: 7-9PM Sat: 11AM-5PM Sun: 12PM-4PM

Please bring donations of food/supplies to PetSmart North Wales during adoption hours. You can also leave donations in our donations box during other times (though please attach a receipt if possible so that the store will know that the items have been paid for).

Donations Whiskers Way Station 

After 20 years of finding homes for stray cats, we've finally found a home of our own!  We are delighted to announce that our new facility has been operational since April 15, 2018.  Our new home like environment has allowed us to show and adopt out adult sibling cats and other forlorn cats.  

Want to help?  

There are renovations and equipment that are needed to make our new house a home.  Your generous donation for any item will be recognized by having your name listed on a plaque at the facility and on our website (unless you wish to remain anonymous).  



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