Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance

Welcome to Stray Cat Blues!



Welcome!  For over 15 years Stray Cat Blues has been working to help stray, abandoned and feral cats in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and the surrounding areas.  In addition to fostering and adoption of friendly cats and kittens, our group actively encourages Trap Neuter Return spay and neuter of feral cats.  

Here's What's Happening at Stray Cat Blues...

A Huge THANK YOU goes out to 7 year old Marley H.  For her birthday Marley asked her friends and family to donate cat food and supplies, and money to Stray Cat Blues instead of presents for herself.  


Marley - All the volunteers and kitties at Stray Cat Blues think you rock!


Please make a donation to our Shelter Fund to help us buy a building of our own.  Click here for more information and to make a donation.

Please Donate to Help Amanda!

Amanda and three siblings were found in a backyard in Hatfield when they were about three weeks old. Amanda was the smallest. All were healthy except Amanda who was bottle fed for two weeks. Amanda was underweight and had one upper respiratory infection after another, along with pneumonia and eye infections and couldn’t gain weight. At seven weeks she had four grand mal seizures in one day. She went on to have seizures that might happen once a day or once a week. She was put on phenobarbital which helped lessen the severity of the seizures but then she started loosing her eyesight. Amanda went to a neurologist who stated she needs a MRI and a spinal tap to determine the cause of her medical issues. The cost will be $2600.00 which places a huge burden on the finances of Stray Cat Blues which relies on donations. Stray Cat Blues is asking for donations  that will be dedicated only for Amanda’s care. Please help!

Please click here to go to our Donations page, and make a donation to help with Amanda's care.  And Thank You!

Cats of the Month

Here are a few cats that you should really take a look at....

LIZA - Take Another Look at Me!


Sweet Tabby on White Little Girl!
Loves to play with her laser toy!
Loves to sit on her foster dad’s chair and watch TV with him!
Loves her some catnip!


Check out this sweet little tabby girl with a white belly! This is Liza.  Liza is a sweetheart, but it may take some time for her to become comfortable in new surroundings. We promise it will be worth the wait!


Liza was a young mom dumped at Animal Control in Philadelphia. A kitten herself, she was much too young to be nursing a litter herself.  Liza seems to be wary and sometimes fearful of other cats. This is not to say she would never do well with other cats, but it might take some time. This is not all that unusual with a young female kitten that has been abused by stray adult male cats. She just needs time to adjust and someone special who will give her that time. Liza would likely do just fine in a home with a dog!


Liza is very sweet. She will snuggle with you on the couch and even take to strangers that stop by. She especially likes a windowsill where she will watch the birds for hours!


Liza has tested negative for both Feline Leukemia and FIV. She has been spayed, dewormed and received all of her vaccinations. Please think about giving a home to this sometimes shy, but very sweet and precious tabby girl!

To submit an adoption application for Liza, click here.


Palmer is one of several siblings trapped at 8 weeks of age. All have been adopted except him.

As Palmer was born to a feral mother she taught him well to defend himself and it's taken him time to learn to trust people.
He has blossomed in foster care. He loves to be around his foster mom and sleeps with her. He is generally in the same room with her as he just loves attention.
Palmer is full of energy and would do best in a home where he gets lots of attention.
Palmer gets along very well with other cats....


Palmer is neutered, litterbox trained, is up to date on vaccinations, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV.  His estimated date of birth is 5/15/2012.  


To see a video of Palmer, click here to go to his listing.  When you get to that page, you will see a camera icon next to her pictures labelled "Watch Video of this Pet".  If you click the camera icon you can view the video.


To submit an adoption application for Palmer, click here.


Locations and Hours

We show cats at Petsmart North Wales Montgomeryville, Petsmart Collegeville, Pet Supplies "Plus", and Green Lane Vet


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