Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance
Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fosteringand Adoption Assistance

Welcome to Stray Cat Blues!



Welcome!  For over 15 years Stray Cat Blues has been working to help stray, abandoned and feral cats in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and the surrounding areas.  In addition to fostering and adoption of friendly cats and kittens, our group actively encourages Trap Neuter Return spay and neuter of feral cats.  

Here's What's Happening at Stray Cat Blues...


Petsmart Collegeville Presents a HOLIDAY ADOPTION MARATHON!!


Join Stray Cat Blues, Forgotten Cats, and Mostly Muttz for a three weekend Adoption Extravaganza


Saturdays and Sunday 11AM to 5PM

December 6 and 7

December 13 and 14

December 20 and 21


Please help us find loving permanent homes for rescue cats who want desperately to go home for the holidays with you!  A printable flyer that you can keep, post around town, and share with friends can be found by clicking here.  


Get pre-approved before you come in!  Streamline the adoption process by getting pre-approved so that you don’t have as much pesky paperwork when all you want to do it take home your new furry friend.  CLICK HERE


Please make a donation to our Shelter Fund to help us buy a building of our own.  Click here for more information and to make a donation.

Cats of the Month

Here are a few cats that you should really take a look at....

The "S" kitties are Super Stars! - Sampson,  Serena, Sequoia, Sapphire, and Sophia


The “S” kitties are five kittens trapped along with their momma Sabrina outside of a home in Boyertown. There are four tortoiseshell color girls named Serena, Sequoia, Sapphire, and Sophia and an orange boy, named Sampson.


We are all still a little shy, but we are young and playful and can’t wait to get settled in real homes of our own!

Especially if your name starts with an “S”, please consider adopting one or more of us, but as long as you love us and take real good care of us, we’ll love you regardless of your name!


These kittens are all spayed/neutered, litterbox trained, up to date on vaccinations, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV. Their estimated date of birth is 6/11/2014.


For some reason, these kitties keep being overlooked.  If you are looking to add a kitten to your home this holiday season, please consider adopting one or more of the Super Star kittens.  


To submit an adoption application for a Super Star kitty, click here.


Jessie and Pinky - 

Jessie and Pinky are gorgeous happy little buff-orange tabby kittens who love to play together – wrestling, batting around little toys, and competing to get the feather wand.  Pinky is more outgoing. Jessie is shyer but warms up quickly.   

When they first came to Stray Cat Blues, they were very sick with bad eye infections.  We thought they were going to be blind but with good vet care and medicine, they healed and can see.  Their eyes, however, water which is a left over symptom of their early illness diagnosed as a herpes virus.   A daily dose of Lysine supplement added to their food helps to keep the condition in remission.   

It would be great if Jessie and Pinky can be adopted together as they are really bonded.  Aside from their eye issue, they are healthy, affectionate and really pretty girls.   They are also totally vetted and micro-chipped!

We are seeking a very special person to adopt them and give them the forever home they deserve.   

Jessie and Pinky is spayed, litterbox trained, have received age-appropriate vaccinations, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

To submit an adoption application for Jessie and Pinky, click here.



Donner, like most of our kittens, was born outdoors to a stray mama cat.  He came to Stray Cat Blues when he was 8 weeks old, the perfect age for taking a kitten from his mama.  He was adopted when he was just a couple of months old, but, sadly was returned when he developed some urinary issues.  Those issues have been resolved and are just a part of his history.  He ALWAYS uses the litter pan now.  He gets along with other cats and he was used to a dog in his adoptive home.  He is only about 2 1/2 years old and is sweet and lovable as they come. As his pictures show, he is a shiny-coated, sleek, healthy young cat who needs a permanent home.  He is living in a foster home now and he can be met there or at Petsmart.  

To submit an adoption application for Donner, click here.



My rescue parents call me Mainer because I am a fluffy male long hair Norwegian Forest Cat with a mane around my head. I am multi-colored grey, white, tan and some tabby striping. I am very big (14+ lbs) and beautiful when my fur is fully grown in. I was groomed in early March. I am 5 to 7 years old. 

I am very cautions from living outdoors on my own for a while but once I warm up to you and trust you, I am very affectionate, gentle and loving. I will lay on your lap for hours and purr very loudly if you pet me. I like kisses too. 

I have perfect litter box habits. I am neutered, had all my shots, have been wormed (round & tapes), but I am FIV+. (My foster parents or the Adoption Reps at Stray Cat Blues would be happy to talk to you about FIV and help you understand it.) I am in excellent health. I need to find a forever home that is 100% indoors. I prefer to be with quiet adults because I am quiet and shy. It might be best if I am an only cat - that way I don't have to compete for attention. 

At some time in my past I was someones pet and I would like to be someones special boy again. 

To submit an adoption application for Mainer, click here.


Locations and Hours

We show cats at Petsmart North Wales Montgomeryville, Petsmart Collegeville, Pet Supplies "Plus", and Green Lane Vet


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