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Welcome!  For over 20 years Stray Cat Blues has been working to help stray, abandoned and feral cats in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and the surrounding areas.  In addition to fostering and adoption of friendly cats and kittens, our group actively encourages Trap Neuter Return spay and neuter of feral cats.


Stray Cat Blues is a Best Friends Animal Society Network Partner!  The Best Friends Network, made up of hundreds of shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations in all corners of the country, is committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through collaboration and implementation of effective adoption, spay/neuter and intake prevention programs.   

Feral cat shelters for sale!


Do you have outside cats that you are caring for?  Do they have a space to shelter during the winter months?  These shelters are hand-built by our volunteers using Rubbermaid-like containers with Styrofoam insulation and straw inside. They come with bricks to weight them down.

Small shelter will hold 1+ cat/s = $30 donation 
Medium shelter will hold 2+ cats = $40 donation  MEDIUMS ALL SOLD!!
Large shelter will hold 3+ cats = $50 donation LARGE ALL SOLD!!


If you are interested in getting one, please complete a Contact Us form by clicking here and we will connect you with the volunteers coordinating sale of the shelters.  The shelters are stored off-site, but we can arrange with you to pick up the shelter of your choice at one of our Petsmart adoption centers during weekend adoption hours.  Once you make arrangements with our volunteers, you can pay for your feral shelter via our donation link on our donation page (click here and select the shelter size in the drop down menu under Donations Online.) 


These shelters are perfect for the stray or feral cats living on your property, in a barn, shed or in your neighborhood. They're perfect for anyone that cares for a colony. Protect our furry friends from the windy,and cold winter days that don't have a home of their own. We are going to have some super warm kitties!




Each of the following kitties has had their adoption fee paid by a generous donor as an incentive for you to adopt them!  Once approved, take your new best friend home for free!  Found the cat for you?  Click here to fill out an adoption application!


Can't adopt, but want to help a kitty to find a home.  Sponsorships work!  Click on the Donate tab at the top of this page, and donate the $95 adoption fee for a cat.  Just put the name of the kitty you want to sponsor in the Special Instructions box when you donate.  And thank you!  Donations like this make a direct impact in the life of a cat!

Kennedy - 6 month olds - 

Kennedy is a gorgeous black kitty rescued from under the porch of a house in Hatfield. The home owners were very good about petting and socializing the Kennedy and her siblings from a young age so that they would make great house pets.  Kennedy is very active and playful and has lots of energy. She is a really good companion kitty. Kennedy tested positive for FIV, but don't let that stop you from adopting her!  Cats with FIV can lead long and healthy lives.  Ask a volunteer for more information.  You will be glad you did!


Minnie - 6 years olds - 

Minnie was adopted as a kitten with her sister. For some reason, after almost six years, the sisters began to have problems living with each other. So, her former family felt it only fair to both kitties to separate them and to hope to rehome Minnie. We believe that Minnie would prefer a home without other kitties as she likes to be in charge and the center of attention. Minnie is a happy-go-lucky girl. She likes to be petted and purrs and meows to show her pleasure. She’s playful and especially likes chasing the laser light. She has a very cute personality.

Sugar and Spice - sister kittens - both sponsored but must be adopted together! 

These sisters MUST go to the same forever home together because they are so bonded with each other.  These girls tested positive for FIV.  FIV positive kitties can live long and healthy lives.  Please ask our volunteers about FIV.  Sugar and Spice are very energetic kittens who look forward to having daily playtime to play hide and seek and run around the room chasing feather toys.  But they also love being held on their foster parents’ laps and brushed until they fall asleep.


Zion - 5 month old kitten - 

Zion was found all alone on the city streets at just one month old and turned in to the local shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia. He was extremely underweight, dehydrated, infested with fleas and ear mites, and had a nasty upper respiratory infection...and he survived the streets despite all of that! He has a lion's heart. Fortunately his foster mom was able to pull him to safety and help him back to health.  Zion is sweet, gentle, and smart. He LOVES other cats and needs kitty company in his new home. 


Stray Cat Blues Talent Jamboree - March 17th, 2018 - The Planning Has Begun!

For a printable flyer that you can share with friends and family, click here to go to the News and Events Page.

Donations to Stray Cat Blues of Investments and Other Assets

Stray Cat Blues was the grateful recipient of a recent bequest. A kind woman who adored cats recently passed away and bestowed a generous donation to our organization. Those monies will not only be used for our feline friends in foster care, but also help us achieve our goal of obtaining a shelter building.
Perhaps it is not widely known that Stray Cat Blues is affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Services. We have the ability to receive investments, required minimum distributions, stocks, bonds and other assets from those who would like to contribute to our cause. If you or someone you know is interested in exploring these financial endowment possibilities please contact Jerry Kalick, Stray Cat Blues, Inc., Board of Directors, at jkalick.Straycatblues@gmail.com for more information. Together, we can save more stray and abandoned kitties!

Here are a few cats that you should really take a look at....




This is Snowflake!  Snowflake is a beautiful, friendly, well-adjusted calico!  She gets along with everybody, whether they be felines or humans.  She is about a year and a half old.  


Her health is very good, even though she tested positive for FIV.  FIV is an immune deficiency that suppresses her immune system.  If she were to get seriously ill, her body might not have an easy time fighting the disease.  FIV cats can live long lives, and can be in homes with other cats.  The only way FIV can possibly be spread to other cats is through a deep, bite.  Snowflake only bites her food.  


Please give this very sweet, lovable kitty a chance to live in your home!  She came from a hoarding situation and didn't get the attention she deserves. 


To adopt Snowflake, please fill out an adoption application by clicking here



Summer 2017 Newsletter!  


Rescue and fundraising are two intense efforts that must go hand-in- hand (or in our case paw-in-hand). Without additional financial support from the community, we could not continue our cat and kitten rescue work.  Our expenses increase every year and our adoption fees do not cover them.  So, please take a look at what we do, check out of Facebook page, and if you support our goals, make a donation.  To donation, please click here.  And thank you from the kitties and our volunteers!

SCBI Summer 2017 newsletter (final).pdf
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Just look at this adorable little face...don't you wish that you could snuggle a kitten each and every day?  Well, you're in luck, because Stray Cat Blues is always seeking volunteers!  Right now we can especially use animal lovers interested in providing foster care and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) services in the Montgomery and Bucks County area.  


For both roles, we offer plenty of training and support, so no matter how experienced you are in animal rescue work, we definitely have a place for you.  Stray Cat Blues members work together as a team committed to providing the best care possible to as many cats as possible, and we cannot do it without YOUR help.  If you think you can volunteer even a few hours of your time, please fill out an application here (click here), and one of our grateful team members will get in touch with you to welcome you to the family.


Locations and Hours

We show cats at Petsmart North Wales Montgomeryville, Petsmart Collegeville, and Green Lane Vet


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