Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance
Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fosteringand Adoption Assistance

Welcome to Stray Cat Blues!



Welcome!  For over 15 years Stray Cat Blues has been working to help stray, abandoned and feral cats in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and the surrounding areas.  In addition to fostering and adoption of friendly cats and kittens, our group actively encourages Trap Neuter Return spay and neuter of feral cats.  

Here's What's Happening at Stray Cat Blues...



Peanut is a small black and white male tuxedo kitty that was injured prior to being  rescued.  Something almost tore two toes off and severly wounded his left back leg.    Peanut has been struggling to heal with the extent of his injuries and infections but he has remained happy and loving.  He has received laser treatments, stitches down his entire leg that wouldn't hold due to the wounds being so large and now daily cleanings and wrappings to try and save his little leg.  Progress is slow but we remain hopeful.   Peanut is still under a 6 month quarantine until later in December, which is required by the county.


Peanuts could really use a Sponsor or some friends to help with his vet bills as they are ongoing at this point and he would love to meet you when he is once again healthy and out of pain.  


To sponsor Peanut please email us at or make a donation online - click here.  Thank you!



Peanut is continuing to improve and heal.  He is still staying at Green Lane Vet where they clean, treat and wrap his wounds daily.  The wounds have reduced in size over 50% (!) but still have a little ways to go.  They don’t want to release him until all of the scabbing is also gone so he cannot reopen any wounds on his own. 


Peanut is currently on pain medication to reduce the anxiety and pain from his leg. As soon as the wound has totally sealed, they will start reducing the pain meds to see how he reacts.  Peanut is still such a little love, and we are hopeful that the pain is already decreasing for him as his treatment progresses.  


To sponsor Peanut please email us at or make a donation online - click here.  Thank you!

Please take a look at Julian!  Consider adopting him, or let a friend know who might be considering adoption!



Devotional…that’s the best way to describe Julian. He LOVES. He wants to be close. He snuggles. He’ll sit on your lap anywhere, any time, for as long as you let him. He’ll sleep on your bed. If you want a cat that will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you…this is Julian. 


He’s one very special boy who had a rough start. When he came into Stray Cat Blues foster care about three months ago – he only weighed five pounds. His paws were burned and filled with puss. It’s hard to imagine who would be cruel to such a sweet kitty, but that bad situation is behind Julian now. He’s safe and his true adoring personality has flourished. He now weighs 9 pounds and is such a handsome fella who doesn’t like the camera flash – closes his eyes every time. 


With each day of kindness and good food, Julian blossoms. He does have a heart murmur but with good vet care, a nutritious diet of canned and dry food, and lots of love – Julian will be a great addition to any family for years to come. He would be most comfortable in a home as the only kitty. His foster home has too many cats and that is a struggle for him.


Julian deserves a second chance. He’s now fully vetted and microchipped and patiently waiting to find his “furever” home. Could that be with YOU? His foster mom prefers non-smokers only. 


To submit an application to adopt Julian, click here.


Summer 2016 Newsletter!  


Want to know more about our fundraising efforts?  Check out our most current newsletter by clicking here.


Rescue and fundraising are two intense efforts that must go hand-in- hand (or in our case paw-in-hand). Without

additional financial support from the community, we could not continue our cat and kitten rescue work. Our expenses increase every year and our adoption fees do not cover them.  So please take a look at what we do, check out our Facebook page, and if you support our goals, make a donation.  To donate online, click here.  And thank you from the kitties and our volunteers!




Stray Cat Blues, Inc. Is Seeking To Recruit Two Additional Volunteer Advisors For Our Board Of Directors


Stray Cat Blues is in search of a marketing/ business development professional to help us enhance our fundraising efforts, and an attorney versed in animal protection laws. If you or someone you know  ts that description, please contact:


Mr. Jerry Kalick (215) 631-1851




Just look at this adorable little face...don't you wish that you could snuggle a kitten each and every day?  Well, you're in luck, because Stray Cat Blues is always seeking volunteers!  Right now we can especially use animal lovers interested in providing foster care and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) services in the Montgomery and Bucks County area.  Since Stray Cat Blues does not have a physical shelter building, we are always in need of caring, compassionate people willing to offer their homes as a temporary safe haven until our kitties find their forever families.  We also work hard to help people with community cats (strays and ferals), and we would love to be able to answer all of the requests that we receive, but to do so, we need to expand our team of trappers.


For both roles, we offer plenty of training and support, so no matter how experienced you are in animal rescue work, we definitely have a place for you.  Stray Cat Blues members work together as a team committed to providing the best care possible to as many cats as possible, and we cannot do it without YOUR help.  If you think you can volunteer even a few hours of your time, please fill out an application here (click here), and one of our grateful team members will get in touch with you to welcome you to the family.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of your support!  Now back to kitten snuggling...we sure hope you will join us. :)



No Nonsense Neutering 

Great news to share! No Nonsense Neutering now has a clinic at 2880 Bergey Road in Hatfield; they are dedicated to ending the overpopulation of cats and dogs through a low-cost neutering program. 

Stop by and get to know this organization. The possibility of our community becoming NO-KILL is getting closer...

Click here to make an appointment at this clinic!



Please make a donation to our Shelter Fund to help us buy a building of our own.  Click here for more information and to make a donation.

Cats of the Month

Here are a few cats that you should really take a look at....




Tabitha is a lovely 7 year old brown mackeral tabby who is FIV positive. She came from a colony of cats where she had given birth to many litters of kittens. She was rescued and finally spayed, much to her great relief and that of her rescuer. Tabitha has a continuous purr. She loves playing with her kitty toys and fuzzy mouse and generally acting like a kitten herself after being a momma cat for so many years in her former life. Tabitha has a warm, affectionate nature and a sweet habit of kneeding her blankets at night before curling up in them for a good night's sleep. Tabitha would love to have a forever home of her own. 

Tabitha is spayed, litterbox trained, is up to date on vaccinations and tested negative for FeLV, but positive for FIV.  FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  FIV can suppress the immune system but most cats live very long and healthy lives with FIV.  Our volunteers would be happy to discuss this condition with you.  FIV is primarily spread through deep bite wounds.  FIV is not spread by sharing litter boxes or food bowls. It is also not spread by cats cuddling or playing with each other (so FIV cats can in many cases live in homes with non-FIV cats).  FIV cannot be spread to people or to non-cat pets such as dogs.  FIV+ cats are sweet, funny, affectionate, and playful, just as any other cat!


To submit an adoption application for Tabitha, click here.


"Bond . . .James Bond."

Doesn't he look exactly like Secret Agent 007?!  Actually, when thinking about a name for this guy in his tuxedo, we recollected that the article of formal wear was the uniform of 007, thus his name.


James Bond was a stray out in the bitter cold until a kind person brought him into her basement and then realized she didn't know what to do with him next. So, she called Stray Cat Blues and a foster home was available for him.


Unfortunately, when he was tested for FIV, the result was positive. FIV stands for Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus, a slow virus that affects a cat's immune system over a period of years. It is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV cats most often live long, healthy and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all. FIV is not easily passed between cats. It cannot be spread casually - like in litter boxes, water and food bowls or when snuggling and playing. 


James Bond is approximately 5-years-old and is very sweet and loving in nature. He was recently neutered and is up-to-date on his vaccines.  He is living in a foster home now and is more than ready to move into his forever home.


To submit an adoption application for James Bond, click here.


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We show cats at Petsmart North Wales Montgomeryville, Petsmart Collegeville, and Green Lane Vet


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