Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance
Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fosteringand Adoption Assistance

Welcome to Stray Cat Blues!



Welcome!  For over 15 years Stray Cat Blues has been working to help stray, abandoned and feral cats in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and the surrounding areas.  In addition to fostering and adoption of friendly cats and kittens, our group actively encourages Trap Neuter Return spay and neuter of feral cats.  

Here's What's Happening at Stray Cat Blues...

October 12th!


Red Cedar Grille in Colmar will give back to Stray Cat Blues a portion of the sales (food sales only) if you eat there anytime on October 12th and mention Stray Cat Blues.


That is Columbus Day so if you have the day off, you can take a friend out to eat.  If you have to work that day, take a business associate out to eat.  Most everyone eats lunch and dinner so this is a win for you and Stray Cat Blues—you won’t have to plan a meal and Stray Cat Blues will get some money!


Click here for a printable flyer that you can post on bulletin boards at work, or on your refrigerator.

A Daring Rescue!


On Wednesday 8-5-15, a concerned woman contacted Stray Cat Blues and the Upper Gwynedd Police Department, reporting hearing a cat meowing in a storm drain along Allentown Road near Sumneytown Pike. The Upper Gwynedd Public Works Dept. and UGPD removed several storm drain covers before locating the source, a very young kitten in a small pipe. After about 24 hours of trying to coax it into a safe catch trap we were successful. The very young black and white kitten was removed and turned over to Stray Cat Blues who will arrange for a veterinary check and eventual adoption. What a team effort! Thank you Upper Gwynedd Public Works, Upper Gwynedd Police, and our fantastic Stray Cat Blues trapper Mallory!


We are adding pictures from this rescue on our News page (click here).


Please make a donation to our Shelter Fund to help us buy a building of our own.  Click here for more information and to make a donation.

Cats of the Month

Here are a few cats that you should really take a look at....




Hi there! My name is Oliver. I am a very handsome kitten with THE BEST personality! My foster mom says so and she should know! She has known me since the moment I was born because I was born in her house! I was born to a feral mom who my foster mom trapped just days before I was born. So I have grown up in my foster mom’s house with lots of other kittens and cats and 2 big dogs and I get along with everyone. I even like to nap on her bed with one of the dogs!


I am the sweetest kitten anyone could ever find! I purr constantly and love to be held. I am playful without being crazy. I am very easy going and walk around the house socializing with everyone. I love to see what my foster mom is doing. I am a very gentle and loving kitten. There are lots of younger kittens around me and I will groom them and cuddle them!


When you see me you will notice that my right eye looks a little different from my left eye. That’s because I had a virus that I got from my mom and the virus lodged in my eye. I have been on eye ointments and oral antibiotics and now I’m done. I will not need any ongoing special care related to my eye, and it is not contagious to other cats anymore. My eye will never look “normal” again, though. I have seen 2 vets and they both say my vison is fine and my foster mom will tell you I have no problems either. I run and jump and climb with the other kittens just fine! 


OIiver is neutered, litterbox trained, is up to date on vaccinations, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV. His estimated date of birth is 4/8/15.


To submit an adoption application for Oliver, click here.


"Bond . . .James Bond."

Doesn't he look exactly like Secret Agent 007?!  Actually, when thinking about a name for this guy in his tuxedo, we recollected that the article of formal wear was the uniform of 007, thus his name.


James Bond was a stray out in the bitter cold until a kind person brought him into her basement and then realized she didn't know what to do with him next. So, she called Stray Cat Blues and a foster home was available for him.


Unfortunately, when he was tested for FIV, the result was positive. FIV stands for Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus, a slow virus that affects a cat's immune system over a period of years. It is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV cats most often live long, healthy and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all. FIV is not easily passed between cats. It cannot be spread casually - like in litter boxes, water and food bowls or when snuggling and playing. 


James Bond is approximately 5-years-old and is very sweet and loving in nature. He was recently neutered and is up-to-date on his vaccines.  He is living in a foster home now and is more than ready to move into his forever home.


To submit an adoption application for James Bond, click here.


Locations and Hours

We show cats at Petsmart North Wales Montgomeryville, Petsmart Collegeville, and Green Lane Vet


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