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Stray Cat Blues has a small number of volunteers who may be able to help with TNR trapping and transport.  Trappers generally cover an area near where they live.  Our trappers have regular jobs and mostly trap in the evenings and on weekends.  


First, please consider if you would be able to do the trapping yourself with a borrowed trap and some information and advice.  Here is a great resource with information about how to trap (click here).  Stray Cat Blues lends out traps that we are not currently using.  We require a deposit on the trap that is fully refundable when the trap is returned in good condition.  If you would like to borrow a trap, complete the contact information on the form below, and check the box that you would like to borrow a trap.


If you are unable to trap the cats yourself, please complete the form below with as much information as you can.  We will check if we have a trapper who covers the area where the cats are and is available to help.  Note that all of our trappers are located in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  If you are outside this area, please click on the TNR Assistance List tab at the right for other options.


When our trappers can help, our trapping service is free.  However, we are unable to subsidize the cost for vet services (spay, neuter, and any other medical care required).  When possible we will help transport the cats to our participating vets who will discount the cost versus their regular charges for such services.  Please discuss with the trapper and vet up front the estimated cost. 

**UPDATE 7/15/18**

Stray Cat Blues is not currently taking on new TNR trapping projects due to a reduction in the number of trapping volunteers in our organization.  Please see the TNR Assistance Resource List, which may give you other options, by clicking on the tab at the right.  If you are interested in volunteering as a trapper with Stray Cat Blues, please click on the Volunteer tab above and let us know.  We hope to be able to offer these services again in the future.

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