Finding Homes for Stray Cats, Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance

Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

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Low Cost Spay/Neuter News!


Great news to share! No Nonsense Neutering now has a clinic at 2880 Bergey Road in Hatfield; they are dedicated to ending the overpopulation of cats and dogs through a low-cost neutering program. 

Stop by and get to know this organization. The possibility of our community becoming NO-KILL is getting closer...

Click Here for an appointment.

The Humane Solution


For feral cats, Stray Cat Blues advocates the humane solution of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).  Comprehensive resources for TNR are provided online by Alley Cat Allies, a national non-profit. Have questions about TNR?  You can get answers by clicking here for the Best Friends Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have feral cats in your neighborhood, please take the initiative and have them spayed or neutered. Stray Cat Blues is happy to provide advice on how to go about Trap Neuter Return. We also have traps to loan. While we are not able to subsidize the cost, we can provide you information about low-cost spay neuter clinics in the area.

At present, Stray Cat Blues is not taking on new TNR trapping projects, primarily due to not having the volunteers needed to support an effective TNR program. For a list of other groups providing TNR and related services in the Philadelphia and surrounding regions, click here.

If the cats are friendly (able to be petted, picked up, meow/purr, seek out attention), then they may be candidates to be placed into indoor homes.  If possible, bring the cat(s) inside temporarily while you work to place them with a rescue.  

While Stray Cat Blues does have one Barn Cat foster home, we only rarely have space to accept new feral cats into this foster home.  It is difficult for us to find homes for these cats, particularly as the suburbs have expanded out into our service area and there are fewer farms.  Our primary advice is to TNR feral cats and return them to your yard or the area that they were trapped.  If this is impossible, you can click on the tab at right for the TNR Assistance List, which includes some other rescues that also have Barn Cat foster homes.  We also suggest networking with friends and family to try to identify a rural home for the cats.  Once you have identified a new home for the cats, here is a link about how to safely relocate the cats.

If you are caring for feral cats and are moving, consider first if there is a way that you can take the cats with you to your new home.  If you cannot take the cats with you, knock on the doors of neighbors to see if anyone is willing to take on care of the cats.  Be sure that all the cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  That way the new caretaker will only immediately need to take over providing food, water and shelter.  If you have outside shelters, if possible offer to give them to the new caretaker.  Here is a link with additional ideas regarding colony care - click here.

Be prepared for disasters - Click here for information on how to care for your outside cats when the weather threatens.