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Volunteers are the Heart and Soul

A Message From The President
Stray Cat Blues, Inc. was formed 22 years ago in 1997. It began as a grass roots, all volunteer, organization that continues to thrive today due to the extraordinary efforts of its volunteers. This organization illustrates the impact one person can truly have. When you are fortunate to have a group of dedicated individuals, you can accomplish great things!  
Currently, Stray Cat Blues helps over 1,000 cats and kittens per year, with no paid staff. This organization knows all too well to never underestimate the power of one. I am reminded of one of our new volunteers that came to us with very little time, but a large amount of passion.  She works full time and leads a very busy life, but really wanted to help. She only had about 15 to 20 minutes per week to volunteer. She made the most of that time by incorporating her passion for photography. She volunteered to take semi-professional photos of the cats and kittens looking for forever homes.  
While we were doing our best to take photos for our website, this volunteer was able to increase the promotion of the animals which led to an increase in adoptions. Her pictures helped to tell a more compelling story and allowed us to showcase the unique personalities of our cats and kittens, making a huge impact for SCBI. This illustrates that every link in the chain matters. We need everyone working together to continue to realize success.
What are you passionate about?  How could you utilize your time and talent to help your community?  We invite you to support Stray Cat Blues. You can volunteer your time or donate to our cause. Feel free to reach out to me at savingstrays@yahoo.com with any questions or click below to Volunteer. We have room for you, no matter how much time you have to give.  Remember, every little bit matters.
Stacy Borans
Board President Stray Cat Blues, Inc


'Tis the Season for Kittens

When warmth returns to the air and the days get longer, it happens like clockwork:  an abundance of kittens!  They are cute and fluffy, but the impact on shelters and rescues is dire: pregnant cats and kittens max out their space, staff, and budgets causing overcrowding and sadly, euthanasia.

What is it about this time of year ( March - October ) that makes cats mate with abandon?  As the weather gets warmer, unaltered females go into heat, mating with multiple males.  Sixty days later, they are ready to give birth.  A litter can be 4-8 kittens and a kitten as young as 4 months can get pregnant.

So when you hear the term “kitten season” please remember that it is not necessarily a time of fluff and love, but a time to help and donate.
- Jill Loxterman
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SCBI volunteers humanely trap hundreds of cats each year through our Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program. Feral kitties are fully vetted, recovered post surgery,  then returned to their colonies. 
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A SCBI Volunteer Tells it Like It Is: Hard Work and a Caring Heart

"You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to walk away….”
In her sunny kitchen in Ambler, Linda Palmarozza dotes on four tiny kittens as they meow and vie for attention.  They had been with her less than 24 hours, pulled from an overcrowded shelter, where they were all suffering from eye infections.  In a loving, sing-song voice Linda applies their eye ointment one by one and kisses them reassuringly.  Linda has worn many hats in her 18 years with Stray Cat Blues and fostering is just one of them.  She reflects on her first foster:  “They asked, ‘can you take this cat?’  and then it was baptism by fire,” she recalled.
Little did she know that one request led to years of fostering kittens and cats.  She recently did the numbers and figured she has fostered 774!  But fostering is only one aspect to Stray Cat Blues, an organization that has successfully rescued cats and kittens, providing trap and neuter services, vet care, adoptions services, etc.  In the beginning, it was a rag tag group of volunteers telling their stories and advertising their services in local newspapers.  SCBI has now grown to hosting weekly adoption events at PetSmarts in North Wales and Collegeville as well as acquiring its very own facility, the Whiskers Way Station, now celebrating its first year.
Through it all, Linda has been a constant, working with all facets of the organization:  training fosters, vetting potential adopters, cleaning cages, serving on its board, writing its newsletter and many other important duties.  Now 74, Linda has cut back on fostering but is one of Stray Cat Blues’ most passionate advocates.  The joy and heartache, the exhaustion and the sheer hard work, it is all a part of being a foster volunteer:
“Fostering isn't for the faint of heart.  Cats and kittens are cute, but they get sick. They get eye infections. They get diarrhea.  It is having a living creature in your home and you are responsible for getting their vet visits, their care, and getting them adopted as quickly as possible,” she says.
The quicker a cat can get adopted the better as it frees up a volunteer’s home for more cats in dire need.  But this comes with a caveat; it is hard to let them go.  To Linda, you have to have the character for it, it just comes with the territory:
“Some of these fosters go right to your heart and you wish that you could keep them. But if you're a good foster, you know deep down that the more you let go the more you can help,” she emphasized.
Who makes the ideal foster parent?  According to Linda, using her fine-tuned skills from years as a foster coordinator and interviewing potential candidates, she knows that senior citizens have the time and the space to bring in needy cats and kittens.  She is a retired writer from Temple University and knows this firsthand.
“They are perfect, and have the time to take cats to the vet and show them to potential adopters.  We are always looking for new fosters and I would put out a siren call to people who love cats and have the time to help us out,” she says.
As Linda reflects on her years at Stray Cat Blues, she also looks to the future.  With more cats being rescued and adopted and the addition of the Whiskers Way Station facility, she sees the organization as continuing its mission, stronger than ever.
So what is next for her?  She will continue to foster: “I am able bodied, but now monitor how many cats I can take and the workload required.  I will know when it is time to stop, she said.
She lights up with smile:  “What is that Kenny Rogers song?  The “Gambler?”  You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to walk away….”
But for now, Linda stays right here with Stray Cat Blues, giving every cat that enters her home loving attention complete with a sing-song voice and reassuring kisses.
- Jill Loxterman

Foster Love

The most common reaction that I get from people who learn that I foster cats is, “Wow, that’s great, but I could never do that! I would want to keep them all!” If I had a dollar for every time that I heard that response, I could save a lot of cats! It is that exact mentality that keeps me going even when times are tough. The desire to help more cats never fades for me, so I know that I have to say goodbye so that I can say hello to more cats in need. Over the last 11 and a half years, my husband and I have fostered 116 cats and kittens. We have adopted 6 of those fosters ourselves. Have there been others that we had trouble parting with? There have indeed been many! Boots, Cherub, Abby, Meadow, Monty, and Spaceboy may have been the ones who stayed in our home, but every foster holds a place in our hearts. 
The joy of bringing a new foster home is magnificent. These cats have either fallen on hard times or never had anyone who cared about them before. Getting to know my fosters and watching them open up and learn that they are loved is both exciting and very rewarding. And then of course deciding what to name them is so much fun! Taking photos and videos, and showing off my fosters is something I take great pleasure in.
When the day comes for a foster to go to their forever home, I am never sad. I always miss them, but knowing that they have someone else to love them forever is a great feeling. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get an update on a previous foster. We take turns thanking each other, and remarking how much the kitty has grown, blossomed, and is enjoying life. That’s why we do what we do – every cat deserves a life filled with love and joy.
–Monika Tomczak

Our Singing Gem - Liz Palovick
Our Spring Time Talent Jamboree rocked Playcrafters Theater in Skippack on Saturday, March 16. With a full house audience and 10 extraordinarily talented performers – we managed to fund and fun raise that evening. The show included professional singers, musicians, a juggler/magician, and an exhilarating hoola hoop dancer who performed with her LED hoop in a darkened theater. Applause and cheers followed every act.   

The jamboree is really two shows in one. The performers capture the upstairs stage and downstairs during intermission we continue the entertainment with a dessert social offering delicious cakes donated to Stray Cat Blues from the Culinary Institute of Montgomery County Community College. While guests feasted on sweet delights, they could also buy chances on several gaming activities. Since we have a gaming license this year, we were able to run a 50/50 raffle, a gift basket raffle, and a mini-silent auction.
What a fun and entertaining way to net over $4,100 for Stray Cat Blues kitties.  All the proceeds go to help us care for them.

Stray Cat Blues is a “Local Love Partner”

During the winter months when our local intake requests slowed down a bit, our fosters rescued many cats and kittens, most timestamped for euthanasia, from ACCT in Philadelphia.  ACCT Philly ( Animal Care and Control Team ) manages the city’s animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia handling nearly 18,000 animals, from dogs and cats, to small animals, reptiles, birds and wildlife, annually.
Stray Cat Blues is a “Local Love Partner” with ACCT and we rescued many baby kittens needing to be bottle fed every 2 hours around the clock, cats with broken bones, kittens with severe upper respiratory infections and infected eyes that needed to be removed, and we gave several mother cats a safe, warm home to raise her babies until all were ready to be adopted.
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