Be sure to also read the Found a Cat Who Needs Help page (click here).  Then consult the additional resources offered below.  

Stray Cats and Kittens

Below are links that may be helpful:


Information about trapping (Trap Neuter Return) - click here


Spay and neuter clinics/resources - click here


Outside cat shelter ideas - click here

(You can also find feral cat shelters for sale on commercial websites such as


Outside cattery - click here

(Outside catteries can be a safe place for your inside cat to experience the outdoors. Or it can be a safe place to keep an outside stray cat.  Google "outside cattery" and click on the Images tab for additional ideas.)


When you find kittens - click here

Rehoming Pets and Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues:  Here are some suggested sites.  You can also do a Google search of your problem and often find many sites with helpful information.


Litterbox issues - click here and click here and click here


Pet allergies - click here


My cats are not getting along with each other - click here


Cat scratching furniture - click here


Pregnancy/infant in house - click here


The Bucks County SPCA also has a Behavioral Hotline.  Click here for more information.


My cat is bored and we don't have time to give him more attention -  Click here for ideas to enrich your cat's life.  Or consider adopting a cat companion for your resident kitty.  Click here to see some of our cats available for adoption.


General websites with multiple articles on cat care - 

ASPCA - click here

Best Friends Animal Society - click here

Petsmart - click here

Cats International - click here



Your cat is a member of your family.  When you move, make plans to find pet-friendly house and take your cat with you.  

Click here for tips on finding pet friendly housing

Click here for rental search site Apartment List that lists pet policies to help you find pet-friendly housing.

Click here and click here for ideas on how to make your move go smoothly for your cat


If you absolutely cannot keep your cat, go back to the Found a Cat page (click here) on our website for links for local rescue groups, and ideas to help you place your cat into a new home.

Locations and Hours

We show cats at PetSmart North Wales Montgomeryville, PetSmart Collegeville, and Green Lane Vet


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Click here for maps showing our locations.

Quick Adoption Links

Click here to see cats we have available for adoption. 


Click here to submit an application to adopt a House Cat.


Click here to submit an application to adopt a Barn Cat.


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