How to Report Animal Abuse

Animals deserve to be treated humanely, be they pets, strays, or wildlife.

If you see or suspect an animal is being abused, please report it to the proper authorities. Contact them when you first notice a problem. Do not wait for the situation to deteriorate. Bad situations generally do not get better on their own.

If an animal needs immediate veterinary care, you should also contact the relevant SPCA, as many of them have emergency care resources and have ability to trap sick or injured animals. You may wish to independently seek care from a veterinarian, though be aware that they may charge you for the care they provide. 

When you contact the agencies below, be sure to have all relevant information: specific location, description of animals and individuals involved, date/time of incident. Many of these agencies will keep your name confidential. If this is a concern, be sure to discuss this with them up front. 

Here are some resources:

Berks County - Humane Society of Berks County
610-921-2348 ext 1 or fill out the form online at the link above.

Bucks County SPCA
Bucks County SPCA will keep your name confidential.

Chester County SPCA
610-692-6113 x213

Delaware County SPCA
610-566-1370 ext 214

Humane League of Lancaster County
717-393-6551 ext 223 or in an emergency ORCA at 717-397-8922 or your local police or veterinarian.

Large Animal Protection Society

Lehigh County Humane Society

Montgomery County SPCA
610-825-0111 or 610-754-7822 or 215-886-8802

Northampton County (Center for Animal Health and Welfare)

PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Abuse/cruelty cases in Philadelphia as well as hotline for reporting statewide
Statewide toll-free hotline 1-866-601-SPCA
Or email at

Also contact your local police department. Look in your phone book for their contact information.

We occasionally receive inquiries from people who are feeding feral cats, where a neighbor or other person has threatened to poison or otherwise harm the cats. If you face this situation, you should contact your local police. Animal cruelty is a crime. Sometimes knowing that the police would become involved is enough to prevent these individuals from acting on their threats. You may also want to contact your SPCA (see list above) for additional advice on your specific situation. Rescue groups in your area may furthermore be able to assist you in removing the cats from harms way.

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