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We have cats of all types and ages available for adoption now!  

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Featured Kitties

Meet Rory - No Adoption Fee

**A generous donor has paid Rory's adoption fee to encourage you to take a second look at him and make him part of your family!**

Rory is a sweet, handsome grey tabby male kitty about 4 years old. Rory was originally rescued from a farm in Morgantown and adopted as a kitten. Sadly, he was returned to Stray Cat Blues because his owner had developed very serious health issues and could no longer keep him. She says that “Rory is a very loveable, well natured, and healthy cat.” He was adopted again and his new family absolutely loved him. They said he was smart and sweet and a very special kitty. He followed them everywhere and was as good as any dog in retrieving. Unfortunately, they had another cat and she and Rory didn’t get along. So, we now know that Rory prefers to get all the attention and be the only cat in the house.

Rory is an outgoing and confident kitty. It didn't take long for him to adjust to new situations. He likes people and follows the around vying for attention. We feel that with his confidence, he could hold his own with a dog. He’s very easy going and would fit into any type of household and would also make a great first-kitty.

Rory is neutered, microchipped, is litterbox trained, up to date on vaccinations, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV.


Meet Lollipop

My name is Lollipop. I was rescued from a feral colony where someone must have dumped me, because I am anything but feral! Thank goodness the caretaker noticed me and took me to Stray Cat Blues. I am happy and healthy and very friendly!

Lollipop's estimated date of birth is 3/20/16. Lollipop would do best on food designated for sensitive skin.


Meet Khloe - No ADOPTION fee

**A generous donor has paid Khloe's adoption fee to encourage you to take a second look at her and make her part of your family!**

Khloe is a very sweet and affectionate 10 year old lap cat. This beautiful girl is looking for another chance at a forever family. Khloe was adopted from Stray Cat Blues in 2011. In the following years, her mommy got married and then later had a human baby. The baby had bad allergies and Khloe's former family tried everything to be able to keep their beloved lap cat. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything that could be done to keep Khloe in the house with the human baby.

After coming back to Stray Cat Blues on the skinny side, bloodwork revealed that Khloe has hyperthyroidism. This is a common condition in cats, and without any additional health complications, Khloe has an excellent prognosis with medication. Khloe takes a very small pill twice a day and she is good to go! She is very easy going with this. Just give her a little food afterwords and she will come to you for her pill! Khloe's vet says that she is a very healthy girl otherwise, and she should have many more happy years. All she needs is a loving home that will keep up with her meds and vet checkups every 6 months.

Khloe did grow up as an only cat, but she has learned to tolerate other cats in her foster home, so she could live with another cat that will give her space. Khloe is even okay with the 2 dogs in her foster home. She just asks that everyone respects her, and she would prefer to spend her time with her humans. She is a lap cat!

Khloe is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, and had a recent dental cleaning to boot!




Application for House Cat Adoption

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Barn Cat Adoption Application

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I understand that barn cats adopted through Stray Cat Blues must receive vaccinations as required by State law. *
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The cats in the Stray Cat Blues barn cat program currently are receiving about a tablespoon of wet food daily in addition to having access to dry cat food and fresh water 24/7. Are you willing to continue this routine? *

Adoption Success Stories



We are back home from the shore, and Scout has been pouting ever since! She had an amazing time having so much room to run! She even made friends with a crow who would come to see her everyday, jumping from branch to branch chatting with her. She loves taking walks, sitting on laps while watching Phillies games, and is a great Mahjong partner. She’s doing so well!



Cleo came to us in a litter of 3 gray DLH kittens, nearly 4 months old and never touched by human hands. She was easy to handle after a week, but she’d bolt if you put her down in any open area. Her foster knew Cleo needed more socialization than was available, so she was sent to the Whiskers Way Station (WWS) and resided in the kitten room. The socializers at WWS got down to business!

A generous donor came to WWS to drop off goods and unbeknownst to us, and the donor, Cleo met her person!!! As soon as the donor held fluffy little Ms Cleo, she knew, and that was that. Now, they both will start a new chapter in their lives!



Jack (originally River) was found on a farm in Chester County. As he was all alone and very friendly, a concerned neighbor contacted Stray Cat Blues, and Jack was taken in by one of our wonderful fosters. Jack’s was immediately comfortable with the other kitties in his foster home.

Jack’s adopter saw a post about him on Facebook, and knew he would be a perfect addition to her family. She came to visit Jack at PetSmart in Collegeville, and he climbed up into her arms and played with the necklace that she was wearing. Jack is now living a wonderful life with a big brother and sister (also adopted from Stay Cat Blues).



Bandit (originally Astro) was adopted from Stray Cat Blues in summer of 2016. He was the last of his litter to get adopted because he was a bit shyer than his brothers and sisters.

His adopters took their time with him once they brought him home, allowing him time to acclimate to his new home, and to properly introduce himself to his two older sisters. The girls took some time to warm up, but now they love their little brother.